The Innovation and Evolution of Beautiful Celebrations

The Innovation and Evolution of Beautiful Celebrations
The Innovation and Evolution of Beautiful Celebrations

Friday, August 10, 2012

Event Entrance

5 Tips to Create a Stunning Entrance at an Event using Color              Concept and Statement

Entrances are the most important area of an event-after all, this is the starting point of the event arena and the point from where to welcome the guests. It is a prelude and a showcase for what is to come!


Entrances should always give a feel of being grand and not claustrophobic in anyway. Mirrors help open up the space and people always love looking into a Mirror to check themselves out-their hair or make-up. Use colors, which are not overwhelming and clearly define your entrance area. Keeping a two fold entrance could be very interesting.


Lighting is one of the most crucial elements of decor and designing. Lighting up the event space be it with high-powered beam lights or delicate fairy lights remains the creative prerogative but certainly a dingy entrance does not cut it out for the event. Also practically speaking people should be able to see where they are stepping and appreciate the decor.


Be it with flowers, fabrication or otherwise make one bold statement at the event. It would be best to connect it with the theme that follows inside the main event arena. One bold statement is all need to make that impact.


The flicker of the Candle along with the beauty and fragility of the flower helps achieve the dreamy and fantasy like feeling for an event. The softness, which is so essential, can only be achieved with these two elements. Make sure to have candles, tea lights, lanterns etc along with flowers at the Entrance. Remember, they do not have to be expensive. It could pick something from the garden.


Aroma always does wonders on a subliminal level. Having some sort of fragrance or incense is a good idea. Some wonderful incense is available in the market.

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