The Innovation and Evolution of Beautiful Celebrations

The Innovation and Evolution of Beautiful Celebrations
The Innovation and Evolution of Beautiful Celebrations

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Candy Land Themed Party

Here are some photos from Our Candy Land Themed Party as Elysse Brielle turns 1.

Reminisce your Childhood with this VERY SWEET treat from us!
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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Neon Pop Themed Party

"Metamorphosis"; The best word to describe Myka's beautiful transformation from being a lovely princess to a gorgeous Queen. A caterpillar who found her way to break free and embrace the bitter sweet reality of the World outside her cocoon.  As she bid farewell from being a teenager , We gave her a Celebration that will be remembered forever. 

Let us Introduce to you, One of AB Event Styling's "Beautiful Celebrations", made with passion, attention and dedication:)

Myka's Colorful and Glowing "NEON POP THEMED PARTY".
The Entrance Design

The Entrance Design

The Ceiling Treatment

The Dessert Buffet

The Table Centerpieces

The Venue Styling (lights off)

-AB Event Styling

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Nude Spring Bouquet

It's Our Philosophy to always create something Unique but would still meet our Clients' taste.
Today, we are featuring a bouquet that we named "nude" because of a very different take to its holder. 
Common Bouquets are wrapped with ribbons , laces, printed fabrics or even gems depending on the Stylist's Concept. Again we took the risk to create this one and we're very glad that Our Bride appreciate it. Let us introduce to you AB Event Styling's Newest Original Creation.

The "NUDE" Spring Themed Bouquet.

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Filipiniana Themed Bride's Bouquet

Dare to be Different!!!

Try DIY Bouquet for your Big Day and use uncommon materials to make it stand out.

Here is The Bride's Bouquet from Our Filipiniana Themed Wedding  and we challenge you to have your Own!


 1 Rafia Ball
 2 meter Rope (rolled)


-You can use other succulents of your choice , here ,we used 3 different varieties of Small Cactus


-1 bundle Light Pink Rose
-2 bundles Ecuadorian Carnation (fuchsia)
-1 stem Ecuadorian Rose
-1 Cymbidium Orchid
-2 bundles tuberose

Now it's time to do your Own! 

Vintage Victorian Themed Wedding

Classical Romance and Superb Elegance describes the era of Queen Victoria. Victorian Era brought the influence of Sophistication from Fashion to Architecture. Intricate details, dainty patterns and finely crafted fabrics are some of the things that this Costume Period contributed to the Design Industry. 

 Here is another Themed Wedding from AB Event Styling , brought by Western Influence. We had created a theme inspired by the period drama. 

 Hail to the late Queen Victoria and let's pay tribute to the timeless beauty of Victorian Era.

Monday, September 23, 2013

A Simple Ballet Themed Party

 Unleash the Ballerina in you and put on your ballet shoes and tutu, cause we will be swaying gracefully for Chloe's 7th Birthday Party...
The Photo Gallery

 My Candy Buffet from the "Simple Ballet Theme Party" 

 Stage Backdrop Design

The Ceiling Design

 Table Centerpiece

Celebrator's Bouquet

-AB Event Styling

A Country Fair Themed Wedding

 A Bountiful Harvest.. Authentic wine houses, beautiful sunshine, full grown english vines, fresh breeze of air , local products fair, beautiful wood houses, dainty floral patterns, Granny's spices and herbs garden...all of this describes the Countryside that will make your summer Vacation alive...

-AB Event Styling


 At the end of the harvest season, there is always a celebration...and a big feast will never be least..

 Have you ever tried incorporating herbs and spices to your bridal bouquet? ..take a look at this..